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30 Sep 2016

Yes, have lots of landing pages

Yes, have lots of landing pages

Yes, have lots of landing pages


Landing pages are really about one thing: behaviour. Their aim is get a particular group of people to behave in a way that is beneficial to your business. But should you have more?

Your landing pages are created to start people entering your website down a particular user journey, a journey that you believe to have a better conversion rate than someone entering through a normal page. The most common kind is a page designed to fit your search advertising (designed to match search queries, in turn increasing conversions and lowering costs), but this is not the only group you should be targeting with custom landing pages.

A company with endless time and resources would have landing pages for every major source of traffic, but here are just a few examples of landing pages and how they can increase your conversion rates.

Offline to online

Do you advertise through print, TV or radio? Lots of companies simply put their homepage on their offline advertising, but a custom landing page with great web design is a much better option. Directing people to a specific page not only lets you customise the messaging ('thrilled that you liked our radio ad' etc.), it also allows you to track how offline efforts manifest themselves online.


If people find you from a particular website or through an event such as an industry conference, having a landing page that talks to those people is really important. You may not want to try selling to these people straight away, but channelling them into a funnel that collects contact details (or even newsletter subscriptions) will start a meaningful dialogue that would be much less likely to happen if they arrived through your homepage.

Assessing effectiveness

Finally, landing pages can be a really good way of measuring effectiveness. Having different starting points for different paid promotional activities (be that offline, search ads, video ads, social ads, etc.) can often give you much more meaningful data on which channels lead to the best conversions than the advertisers themselves. 

Combining channel-specific messaging and strategic direction on user journey leads to higher conversion rates, and the more landing pages you have, the more you are in control of this.

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