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30 Sep 2016

What type of content does Google reward?

What type of content does Google reward?

What type of content does Google reward?


When it comes to landing pages, making micro sites and overall online performance and search performance, standing out from the crowd is vital. There is no bigger search engine than Google, with the platform directing more visitors and more traffic than any other site. 

However, what type of content makes you stand out from the crowd, and what type of content does Google reward? 

High-quality content

Google rewards quality content that is unique and relevant to the user. Unlike many sites, Google employs human raters who analyse a site for high-quality content. Therefore, if your content is not useful to a reader, it will be punished in the Google rankings. One of the key aspects when writing high-quality content is to focus on the user experience and write for an audience of readers rather than for a search engine. Furthermore, increasing the amount of content you produce can drastically improve your overall performance in the search engine. Avoid duplicate content and ensure that all of the content on a site is relevant with strong calls to actions.

Be bold in creation

While unique, relevant and high-quality content is rewarded by Google, using different outlets and different types of content to demonstrate your skills can result in a higher search engine ranking. Written content, videos, images and even infographics can boost overall traffic as well as online performance. By utilising different formats, you can show your wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Keep it fresh and up to date

Regardless of how high quality your content is, if you publish a piece but do not update it over the years, this will affect your overall search engine ranking. Google rewards content that is fresh and bespoke to current trends rather than high-quality outdated content. 


Content should not be anonymous but should come from relevant writers who know the topic and are trusted in their field. Unique, trusted content will always perform better if it comes from a site of confidence. 

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