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30 Sep 2016

4 key web design tips for SEO

4 key web design tips for SEO

4 key web design tips for SEO


In 2016, if you want to build your perfect online home, you have to consider all the various parts of web design. Not only should your site act as an engaging landing page for new visitors and your existing customer base, it also has a massive part to play when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). For this reason, SEO should be factored in to almost every stage of web design, and here we pick out four indispensable elements.

1. Easy navigation

Simple and quick navigation has long been recognised as contributing to a website's SEO. Implementing features that allow users to find their way around a website with the minimum of effort has SEO value, and this can mean including a clearly structured navigation bar in the top or left margin of the page. 

2. Choose your URLs carefully

The importance of URLs when it comes to attracting Google and other search engines has long been the subject of debate. While many claim changes to the Google algorithm mean that exact match domain (EMD) names, which include a keyphrase in a URL, are not as effective as they used to be, there is little doubt that they do have a positive SEO impact, if not as powerful as it once was.

3. Optimise images

Images can be important in how search engines rank a site. Common wisdom suggests keeping images to a size in the region of 30KB to 100KB, with a resolution of around 72dpi, can help your site to load more quickly, as bulky images pose the problem of decreasing responsiveness. As a further SEO booster, keywords can also be used in elements such as alt image texts, as well as in header images and logo images.

4. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are an accepted part of SEO best practice, and we believe they have never been more effective in the eyes of search engines. With a sitemap, pages are indexed faster after any changes to a website, making them a key part of communicating with search engines. Then there is the added benefit of easier navigation for visitors.

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