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30 Sep 2016

The top social media trends gaining momentum in 2016

The top social media trends gaining momentum in 2016

The top social media trends gaining momentum in 2016


With the first quarter of the year gone, many businesses take time to reflect on their success and failures - the new tax year is the perfect time for reflection on business. 

For many marketers, it is the perfect time to assess exactly what trends are dominating the market, including social media trends. We have analysed some of these top trends to offer businesses insight into what tools they can use to improve their digital marketing and their overall online performance this year. 

Video has landed

Many experts predicted that video would be the main player in 2016 and this has been proved to be accurate with more marketers making high-quality videos to enhance their online performance. Google rewards a variety of content on a site, and with video also being easy to share on social media, the power of video content has truly been seen at the start of the year. Video content is a new way to grab the attention of your audience, so it is certainly worth capitalising on. 

Automation of content

With Instagram developing more tools to be marketer-friendly and audiences using different types of social media platforms, many businesses have developed automation of their social media campaigns. Many companies now advertise simultaneously on social media platforms, saving time and effort, but also ensuring that the message remains the same. Automation of content can ensure consistency in content marketing, which can be an essential aspect in developing brand trust. 

The growth of search

2016 has seen social media become more of a search tool for users. Whether it is searching for the latest news or entertaining content, more users are searching on social media. To stand out from a number of competitors, businesses must prepare for this trend to continue for the rest of 2016. By placing video, audio and visual content on social media, there is a higher chance of your content being interacted with. Whether it be infographics or video, businesses must use all they can to tap into the search market on social media.

The continued dominance of mobile

2015 saw a number of reports stating that mobile was now the main player when it came to browsing both social media and websites, and this trend has continued in 2016. Despite this, many company sites are still not compatible with mobile browsing. While many people may find a company using social media on their phone, they are often not able to properly view their site or their content. With mobile continuing to grow, companies must adapt and change to reflect this as soon as possible. 

At Pint Sized Giants, we believe that your social media strategy should stand out from the crowd and reflect your business. More and more companies are following the same practices and trends. However, we believe that our team of experts can help you be a trendsetter rather than a follower. To find out how we can help your business improve online, get in touch with our team of experts today using our online contact form.

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