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30 Sep 2016

The four priorities for your landing page

The four priorities for your landing page

The four priorities for your landing page


Landing pages can be a highly effective way to increase leads and encourage visitors to explore your product or service. A common mistake is to think that a landing page is just like a regular website but to maximise the potential of your landing page you need to focus on the following four priorities.

The headline

Ambiguity has its place but that place is not on a landing page. You need to be targeted, specific and clear. Web design is key to getting this right. Be explicit about what you are offering and how to get it. Headlines should draw in potential customers or clients without confusing them. Full details of your product or service should be available, of course, but you don't need to include these within the headline. Keep it simple.

Consistency and style

Things should be simple, but that isn't to say they should be bland. Your landing page, and its headline, needs to be in keeping with your brand as a whole. Irony and humour are perfectly acceptable, so long as they are enticing, rather than distracting. Your brand is the most important thing you've got and integrity is a fundamental part of success. Don't be afraid to be cool and quirky and showcase what it is that makes you, your business or your service unique.

Call to action

Just like the headline, your call to action needs to stand out and match the design of the site. This can be done simply by utilising eye catching colours, a large click button or a standout image, but whatever you choose, it's going to be absolutely vital to the success of your landing page. You have a landing page because you want a certain reaction from the viewer. This is your prerogative, not theirs, and only a fraction of potential customers will go looking for the next steps. You need to make your CTA abundantly clear.


Internet users are becoming increasingly savvy about offers and incentives dangled in front of them. They know all about sign up scams and tricky subscriptions. Security is key for your brand and it is very much in your interest to showcase your website as being worthy of a viewer's trust. Include any kind of third party accreditation, security confirming logos such as padlocks and statistics about other users - where applicable - to put people's mind at ease.

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