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30 Sep 2016

Email marketing is the new black

Email marketing is the new black

Email marketing is the new black


With a lot of options out there, it can be hard to know which digital channel can be really helpful for your business. In this rapidly changing digital landscape it is usually wise to integrate multiple channels, and recently successful companies have been bringing back an old favourite to the front of their plans: email marketing.

Why use email marketing?

Email is one of the last remaining channels where you, the marketer, are really in control of who sees what. Algorithms control search results and social media feeds (even Instagram and Twitter now), but if you are using email then you are bypassing these middlemen and the only question is whether your recipients choose to open it; there is no algorithm deciding who it is sent to.

Better audience targeting

Whether you are a B2B company or B2C, targeting the exact segment of your audience your content refers to is important. With email marketing you can target different emails to different parts of your audience - more relevant content over time improves open rates and engagement, and this can only help you.

Rapid feedback = better results

Most email marketing tools have options to test your emails on portions of your audience, this means that at relatively low cost you can tweak the style, subject lines and content of emails so that you (or your agency) can be constantly looking to improve open rates, click-throughs and conversions - this can be hard to do on other channels, but with email it is easy.

It builds over time

What a lot of smart companies are doing today is using other channels - especially social media - to funnel people to their content and using compelling stories to get people to sign up for emails. Companies from IBM to BuzzFeed are getting people to sign up to have content delivered to their inbox that interests them, and using this as the start of the sales funnel. Building up an audience, engaging it over time through content and email, then using this relationship to create sales or leads. At the end of it all, email gives you more control and great results.

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