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30 Sep 2016

Measuring social media: how can Google Analytics help?

Measuring social media: how can Google Analytics help?

Measuring social media: how can Google Analytics help?


There are few things more important to an online company than their social media strategy and the way they interact with their audience to try and increase business leads and sales. 

However, it can be difficult to know if your social media strategy has been effective, and while many platforms offer their own measurement tools, they are not always accurate. That's where Google Analytics can help; it can be exceptionally useful in measuring how good your social media strategy truly is and how you can further your growth. 

See and develop growth

Google Analytics offers a breakdown of the channels that were used to bring users to your site, whether it was social media or an organic search. By allowing you to view what channels drove users to your site, you can directly compare and contrast your month on month visits from social media. This can allow you to set goals and have targets to try and beat. 

Analyse the most popular pages

The tool allows you to view what pages and published works were most popular. By using Google Analytics to analyse your most visited pages, not only can you see what your audience interacted with and publish them again, but you can review how the content was pushed on social media and use this as a platform or template for the next time you are releasing content on social media. 

Are you performing on all platforms?

Say you have 110 visits from sources on Twitter but zero on LinkedIn - perhaps you should consider scrapping LinkedIn. Many companies waste time and effort trying to dominate all social media platforms, even if they do not perform well. It is better to have an insightful and practical strategy on one platform than trying to dominate all. Google Analytics can let you see what platforms you perform well on. 

Location, location, location

Analytics can let you see where your audience are based, meaning that you can tailor content to their location and perhaps their interests. For example, if your audience is located in Scotland, they may have an interest in Scottish culture or politics more than their interest in US culture and politics. While the location is not vital, it can help you enhance your digital marketing and social media growth by allowing you to relate to your audience.

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