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30 Sep 2016

7 must-haves for landing page content

7 must-haves for landing page content

7 must-haves for landing page content


A great-looking landing page can be a powerful business tool. Once you get your potential customers there, you have to give them content which converts. Here are 7 must-haves for a successful landing page:

1. Your headline should be no more than 15 words and it should grab their attention

It should inform viewers what the page is about, and it should be working in harmony with the images on your page.

2. Use short, active words

There's no straightforward formula for a great landing page headline - it's all about the context and what you hope to achieve. A headline for a product sale will be very different to a headline aiming to get delegates to a conference, for example. Your headline doesn't have to cover all aspects of what you're offering, but it does have to concentrate on the main point of the page. Make it simple and effective.

3. Your subhead needs to explain the headline and make your page viewers read on

Keep it short, no more than 20 words. Explain the headline and point to the content of your copy. 

4. You need a great, impactful image

The best landing page images explain the content visually, working with all the other elements on the page. For a product sale, high-quality images of the product are perfect. To sell services, the images need to point to the service you're selling and its benefits. A life insurance company promoting a new service could use a happy family image with the headline "Peace of mind for less than 25p a day" and have a subhead "Ensure the ones you love are protected after you've gone."

5. Your copy needs to tap into one of your customers' pain points

What are your customers' problems? Do they have little time? Are their budgets stretched? Do they need a convenient, local service above all else? You need to work out what the biggest pain points are and how deep that pain goes. The deeper the pain, the bigger the benefit a service or product which answers it will bring.

6. Your words need to solve their problems

Show them how. You could list the benefits of what you're selling in bullet points, use a break-out quote from a satisfied customer to show you've helped other customers like them. Make it all about them.

7. Write a powerful call to action

Be clear, specific, and tell the page viewer what you want them to do, whether it's emailing, calling or visiting a store. They're expecting this at the bottom of a page, so don't confuse them and put it elsewhere.

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