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30 Sep 2016

3 social media trends to watch in 2016

3 social media trends to watch in 2016

3 social media trends to watch in 2016


It's known that social media now dominates the digital marketing sphere. Here are our top three social media trends to watch out for in 2016.

1. Rise of direct social media publishing options

Facebook kick-started this trend with its 'Instant Articles' and other platforms are now jumping on board. Essentially, this boils down to increasing awareness that articles are getting more hits, visibility and shares on social media platforms, such as Facebook, than they were on their native sites. Unsurprisingly, Facebook saw scope to cut out the middleman and allow users to publish directly. Google will be next to get involved with this type of content creation and other sites are expected to follow suit.

Really, this just further demonstrates the power of social media as an entity in itself. Social media sites are no longer just platforms for communication and sharing but are now viable places of content creation themselves. 

2. Increased demand for visual mediums

If you think back to the Facebook statuses you were posting five years ago, the likelihood is they were predominantly text-based. You might upload a whole album of photos every now and again, but daily sharing consisted of just a few sentences of text - the same went for tweets.

Recently, there has been increasing demand for visual mediums to accompany any social media content. The rapid improvement of wireless connection speeds and the capacity for mobile devices to record high quality photo and video has definitely played a part in this. We can now both create and access visual mediums on the go more easily and, as a result, users are coming to expect this.

3. Broadening focuses for digital marketing

Suggestions that Facebook is becoming irrelevant are regularly being thrown around but, actually, that isn't true at all. The way we are using Facebook is changing, for sure, but in no way is it diminishing. However, users are posting less and less personal content on Facebook, and this is a big part of the sharing culture. 

Digital marketing is now looking to focus on the value of other platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram, where personal sharing exists alongside huge marketing campaigns, making it a very exciting place to be.

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