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30 Sep 2016

Instagram and organic growth: it's more powerful than you think

Instagram and organic growth: it's more powerful than you think

Instagram and organic growth: it's more powerful than you think


Social media is often on the periphery of a small business’s agenda, but it can become an integral and highly effective part of any marketing strategy.

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that is not always used to its full advantage, and is great for building brand awareness, social marketing, organic growth and creating sustainable, recognisable brands within the digital community and placing them at the forefront of a prospect's zone of interest.

Incredibly, 25% of all the time spent on the internet in 2016 is on Instagram. Over half of Instagram users follow or engage with a brand or business on the platform. It’s also super-popular among young adults, with most of its users falling within the 18 to 29 age bracket. As you can imagine, when users choose what brands they are exposed to - rather than being forced to receive their message through ads and paid-for marketing – the susceptibility to brand messages among users, as well as their keenness to actually engage with these businesses, becomes much higher and much more valuable to you as a marketer and your company.

Businesses on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%. That may not seem like a lot at all. But compare it to Facebook and Twitter engagement. In actual fact, Instagram brand engagement is 58 times greater than Facebook and 120 times greater than Twitter.

There is also an emphasis on human interaction. Posts which mention another account in the caption gain 56% more user engagement. Posts tagged by location gain 79% higher engagement. Rather than washing posts of all identity and posting as a corporate entity, Instagram users prefer personality, and to engage with a business as though it were their friend.

Instagram wants to sell real, aesthetically beautiful, authentic and original experiences. Users want that too, and they’ll be selective about which corporate entities they choose to follow. But once they have picked you as a business worthy of their time, the rewards can be very fruitful indeed.

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