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30 Sep 2016

Why you need bleeding-edge content marketing

Why you need bleeding-edge content marketing

Why you need bleeding-edge content marketing


There's no point in having a website if no one visits it. And that's why you need consistently captivating content to keep people coming back to your site and engaging with your brand over and over again. This is why content marketing can be such an effective tool.

However, with so many companies out there employing the self-same tactic, it can also be rather a blunt instrument if the content doesn't hit the spot. Blog posts that retread old ground, articles that resurrect over-exposed topics or are just too late to make a difference to readers can actually serve to turn people off your brand. 

Of course, it's important to supply quality as well as quantity (and the latter, on its own, is of little worth from a marketing perspective), but just as valuable is being the first to cover a certain topic or angle. This is "bleeding edge" content marketing and it could be the making of your success.

At Pint Sized Giants we know how to produce a forward-thinking content strategy for your website. Our team of talented copywriters are experts at crafting engaging, ahead-of-the-curve web pages, blogs and articles that will bring your brand to the fore and attract new customers. And our strategic approach to keeping them engaged and informed day in, day out will ensure your brand makes a credible name for itself and is associated with true quality.

Then there is the important matter of brand visibility. Search-engine optimisation (SEO) is something everyone knows a little about, but mastering this involves more than slipping a few keywords into an article. This is another topic that Pint Sized Giants know inside out. Search engines are designed to supply quality reads for their users and will penalise sites that try to short change readers in this regard. Again, the only reliable solution is to consistently provide quality, relevant and up-to-the-minute content day in, day out.

Don't leave marketing your website to chance. Hire us and we'll ensure strong, lasting engagement in your brand.

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