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30 Sep 2016

How to bring your construction website into the 21st Century

How to bring your construction website into the 21st Century

How to bring your construction website into the 21st Century


Contemporary customers are increasingly turning to the internet in order to find the contractor they need for their building works. Unfortunately, if your website is dated and doesn't provide the top quality user experience clients expect, they'll be likely to look elsewhere - to your audience, your site reflects the type of company you are: stilted, old content, missing links, poor layout or a disjointed site all send out the wrong messages about you and your organisation. If it's been a while since you gave your online presence some TLC, take a look at the advantages good, up-to-date construction web design can bring.

Your customers find it easy to get what they need

The inclusion of features such as online contact forms, e-commerce facilities (payment methods) and linked calls to action all make the user experience a good one. Making it easy for customers to get what they need from you is critical to obtaining their business. A well-laid out construction website which is straightforward to navigate is crucial in persuading your customers to contact you, rather than the competition.

Send out the right message about your organisation

What makes your construction firm stand out from the rest? Exceptional workmanship? Significant experience? A specialism in a particular type of product? To ensure trade comes to you, it needs to be completely obvious with even a brief glance at your site just what makes you the best. An updated website will maximise the chances of your unique selling points and what you're about coming across well.

Brand continuity

If you leave a board with your company logo and details outside projects you're working on, does it share the same colour scheme, font and layout as your site? What about your social media? Consistency of branding (meaning that customers always get the same message about your company), is a vital part of generating business. If your advertising lacks coherence, we can help.

As skilled web designers and online media experts, we're ideally placed to give your site a whole new lease of life, transforming it into an online presence fit for the 21st century. So what are you waiting for? Call Pint Sized Giant's today.

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