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30 Sep 2016

Should I be using SEO for my construction business website?

Should I be using SEO for my construction business website?

Should I be using SEO for my construction business website?


First of all, we’re going to answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes. Yes, you should!’ SEO is a very powerful technique for getting found on the internet, no matter what business you’re in.

If you’re unsure what SEO can do for you, perhaps the question is really ‘Why should I be using SEO for my construction business website’?

And you’ve come to the right place for answers:

1. Because it makes good business sense

Around three billion people search the internet every day, and if you can’t be found in the search engines, you’re missing out on a slice of that pie. You’ll have noticed the shrinking size of the Yellow Pages printed directory these days, and that’s because most people search online when they want a product or service.

Not only that, but you’re not having to persuade them that they need a loft extension or a conservatory. That’s what they were already searching for. You just have to show up high enough in the search results and persuade them that you’re the business for them.

If your customers can’t find you, you can bet they’ll find your competition.

2. It’s cost effective

The best SEO comes from naturally written content that’s put together to inform and written for human beings, not the search bots. That might sound counterintuitive, but Google is now focusing heavily on good user experience to determine where sites rank. If your site is well written with relevant keywords that make sense to humans, and are not stuffed in there like an overfilled couch, you will rise in the search rankings and you will get traffic.

If you’re writing great content, that’s what people are searching for anyway, you’re doing it right, and that costs way less than Facebook ads, pay per click or any other paid advertising you can think of.

3. Local SEO and mobile

Mobile search is growing at a massive rate and if you’re a company that covers a particular area, you’ve got a great opportunity to show up for ‘construction company, Gloucester’ under local search.

4. SEO builds trust

We’ve talked before about the difficulties of separating yourself from the image of the ‘cowboy builder’, and SEO is a great way to start building credibility with your customers before they’ve even met you.

If you show up in all the results, you’ll get brand recognition, and if you manage the Holy Grail of number one on Google then, psychologically, people will automatically think you’re the best option, without you having to say a word.

5. Your competitors are definitely using SEO

If you’re not, then you’re losing out on business. Plain and simple.

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