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30 Sep 2016

How to make your construction business rank first on Google

How to make your construction business rank first on Google

How to make your construction business rank first on Google


SEO can seem as confusing as the ability to plaster a perfectly smooth wall appears to people outside the construction industry. However, as long as you stay on the good side of Google and co, there are plenty of things you can do to help your site climb the search engine rankings.

1. Website design

It all starts with your website. That sounds obvious, because of course you want to get your site to rise in the rankings, but it’s not just about keywords and meta tags on your posts. Your site needs to be fast, as Google uses this as one of the indicators for site rankings, and it must be mobile-friendly, partly for the same reason, and also because Google tends to rank mobile-ready content higher in the mobile search results than sites which don’t work as well on mobile. So many people search on their mobile phone these days, in preference to using a desktop computer, and you do want to appear high in the results, so people will visit your site.

2. Content

If you have a blog, you’ll, hopefully, already be writing keyword-rich, well-written and insightful content. This is another factor Google uses to rank websites, as they try to find more ways to bring users what they want and remove spam listings.

When you write a new post, name it using the main keyword that you want to rank for and check the character count of your title to see if it’s between the recommended 35 and 65 character limits.

Use the main keyword again in the first paragraph of your article, and then try to think of different ways to say the same thing, so Google can make sure the article is natural, not overdone with keyword stuffing and on-topic. In this example, you could try ‘attic conversion’ or ‘dormer conversion’.

When you're adding a new post, look at the meta description (the words that appear when your post is listed on Google) and make sure you include the main keyword in that as well.

It also helps if you use the same keyword to tag your images when you upload them, and if you write more - longer posts, of around 1,500 words, do tend to rank higher. Make sure that everything you're writing is informative though, and not just filler.

Think about what your customer is likely to be searching for. You may well get people who will simply search for ‘loft conversion’, but many people will also search for long tail keywords such as ‘loft conversion type for Victorian terraced house’, so look to include phrases like that in your copy. Also, use local keywords in your 'about us' page and in your copy so people know you're a loft conversion company in Edinburgh, for example.

All of these things will help you climb the search engines naturally, without having to use any black hat techniques, or magic! If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘meta-whats?’ give Pint Sized Giants a call on 01234 834667!

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