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30 Sep 2016

Should I be using email marketing for my accountancy business?

Should I be using email marketing for my accountancy business?

Should I be using email marketing for my accountancy business?


If you run an accountancy business, it’s important to utilise online marketing strategies that suit the specialised and sophisticated nature of your services. Of course, you should deploy SEO and pay-per-click techniques in order to attract customers, but it’s important to augment these common marketing options with strategies and techniques that can showcase your skills and the full range of services you offer. The reason for this is simple: for many ordinary people, accountancy seems rather dry and inaccessible, so conventional marketing strategies alone aren’t enough to attract them to accountancy websites. One marketing technique that can help you resolve this problem and that you might wish to explore is email marketing.

Some businesses feel uncertain about email marketing because emails are seen as a less modern and up-to-date communication method than social media platforms. However, the vast majority of people still use emails on a daily basis. Even more importantly, email marketing offers two unique advantages that make it highly suitable for accountancy businesses such as yours. 

Firstly, emails are a more in-depth, information-rich marketing format than PPC adverts or the snippets of search engine optimised text that viewers can see in the SERPs. In an email, you can provide a full explanation of the services you offer and how they can benefit prospective customers. In essence, email marketing gives you the chance to demystify the world of accountancy by providing clear exposition. This can make it seem more accessible and allow you to recruit customers who would otherwise hesitate to approach an accountancy business.

Secondly, email marketing has a much-needed personal touch. Emails allow you to actively reach out to potential customers instead of simply creating an advert and waiting for them to see it. The fact that you are making the effort to directly contact a customer can make them feel valued and therefore encourage them to pay attention to your marketing material. This is vital for accountancy firms, as consumers may not feel accountancy is for them and may therefore ignore PPC and other forms of indirect advertising. 

Here at Pint Sized Giants, we understand the power of email marketing and can help you develop a powerful email-based strategy. If you’re wondering if you should be using emails to market your accountancy business, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’.

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