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30 Sep 2016

Is PPC worthwhile for big companies?

Is PPC worthwhile for big companies?

Is PPC worthwhile for big companies?


Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC) is often used by smaller businesses and start-ups to raise awareness of their brand and drive people to their site. In addition to generating new leads, it can also push lesser-known sites into better positions in the SERPs by attracting pageviews, which makes it ideal for new brands that aren't yet firmly established. But can PPC also help large, well-known companies? Here at Pint Sized Giants, we believe that it can. Pay Per Click advertising is a valuable tool, regardless of the size of your business. If you run a big business and are not currently using this marketing method, there are several good reasons why you should start.

1. Reaching new demographics

No matter how large your company is, there are bound to be individuals (and even entire demographics) who aren’t fully aware of your brand or what you do. This might be because your brand’s marketing is geared towards another social group or it might be because of the misconception that your products or services aren’t for everyone. Either way, you might be missing out on potentially valuable new leads and customers. PPC advertising can help your company reach out to demographics who wouldn’t normally pay any attention to it. Pay Per Click advertising can make your brand more visible, particularly on websites and search pages where it might not have much presence under normal circumstances. Take advantage of this fact and you can attract new customers.

2. Maintaining brand awareness

Just because your brand is well-known, that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. If you don’t promote your brand through the various channels and methods available, those channels and methods will be dominated by your rivals. Brand awareness can decline as well as increase, so it's always a good idea to take steps that will keep your business in the public eye. Because PPC is highly visible and can be deployed in a huge variety of online locations, it is very effective at keeping your brand noticeable and relevant.

3. Every lead helps

No matter how big you are, you can always benefit from an extra lead or customer. Businesses expand one customer at a time, so it’s always worth using methods like PPC to attract more of them.

Here at Pint Sized Giants, we offer Pay Per Click advertising services to businesses of all sizes. If you run a large company and need to promote your brand, contact us today.

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