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30 Sep 2016

SEO vs PPC marketing

SEO vs PPC marketing

SEO vs PPC marketing


When deciding to invest in online marketing, many small to medium enterprise owners are under the impression that there are one of two paths to take: pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimisation. A common question most digital marketing agencies will face is “should we use PPC or SEO?”

In short, there’s no simple catch-all answer, and it mostly depends on the goals of your business. Are you promoting new services or products? Do your customers require a degree of education about your product before committing to a purchase? Are you a start-up or an established industry name? These are just a handful of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on SEO or pay per click ads.

SEO vs PPC - what you should know

Many people are under the impression that SEO is simply about optimising your site content to organically rank higher for keywords on search engines. To a certain degree it is, but it’s also about being an authoritative source for questions customers are asking and providing solutions. The large search engines (think Google, Bing and Yahoo) monitor how potential customers interact with your site – including whether they return, and whether anyone is linking to your pages.

On the contrary, PPC involves paying for advertising space for targeted keywords. Don’t think PPC is an easy way out, however – an effective PPC campaign will still require a lot of search engine optimisation.

Are organic clicks better than PPC?

Ultimately, a conversion is a conversion: any long-term web marketing strategy should include SEO – in the long term, organic clicks are of better quality in terms of generating sales. Data suggests that visitors are more likely to trust your business for ranking naturally, as it paints your business as a credible and important player in your respective industry.

Should you also utilise PPC?

Think of SEO as a long-game – it’s something you should practise all the time. PPC, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to kick-start your digital marketing with immediate results. PPC is particularly useful when you’re running a particular promotion or have a site-wide sale. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be afraid to use more than one means of digital marketing in order to achieve ecommerce success.

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