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30 Sep 2016

Should I advertise my accountancy business on social media?

Should I advertise my accountancy business on social media?

Should I advertise my accountancy business on social media?


Recent surveys suggest that 81% of small to medium enterprises use social media – in fact, it’s almost become par for the course for companies to have some form of Facebook or Twitter presence. While accountancy might not be the sexiest industry in the world, you might be surprised at just how many leads you could generate by becoming active on social.

As an accountant, social media can be a great way to create conversations between your business and clients, and - perhaps most crucially - prospects. It’s free to sign up to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other major social sites, and once you start to use it you’ll have 24/7 representation in the online world.

Social media, when used correctly, can be just as effective at generating leads as other forms of digital marketing. By keeping your page regularly updated with interesting and helpful content which ultimately features a call to action to consult an accountant - such as budgeting tips for self-employed plumbers – you will drive people to your site and generate discourse on social media. Successful posts will generally get people asking questions, and this where you can begin to set out your stall and demonstrate what your accountancy firm can offer.

Does social media offer a good return on investment?

Recent social survey data suggests that 75% of businesses utilising social media witnessed a significant leap in the amount of traffic their sites were receiving with just six hours a week spent on social marketing. Let’s just remember that little statistic at the beginning of this article - 81% of small to medium enterprises use social media. That’s in excess of four million businesses who are likely to require the services of an accountant. It begs the question: Why ISN’T your accountancy firm on social media?

Does your accountancy firm need a social media plan?

As your social presence grows, you might find yourself needing to think of new and exciting ways to continue the momentum of an increasing follower base. Regular profile updates (such as a new profile image) will generate clicks from those curious to see what has changed, and success stories shared on your Facebook page will highlight what your company can offer. If you’re willing to put the work in, social media can be a great lead generator. For those without the resources, a reputable digital marketing agency like Pint Sized Giants could be just the ticket to enter the world of social media.

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