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16 Jan 2017

Making a good first impression: why great website design is important for small businesses

Making a good first impression: why great website design is important for small businesses

Making a good first impression: why great website design is important for small businesses


Everyone knows how important a good first impression is. As a business owner, your marketing makes sure potential customers know who you are. But once they have found you online, what will they think? It all starts with your website.

Poor design makes a poor first impression

There's been lots of research into how design impacts customers, but it's universally accepted that a well-designed website is far more likely to hold your customer's attention and convert into sales. In a survey by Visible Logic, it was found that 100% of people surveyed admitted to leaving a website because it was poorly designed or difficult to use. Poor design is such an integral factor in losing customers that good website design should be a priority in your business. Visible Logic also found that 96% of respondents admitted web design highly affects which product or service they choose. A poor-quality website is an immediate red flag for potential customers. People assume that the business can't be bothered investing in a good website, that online business isn't important to them or that the company is untrustworthy. Though all of these things might be completely untrue, you simply can't afford to have bad web design on the internet. 

Standing out online

The internet is the biggest high street in the world, and it can be tough to get yourself recognised. Hopefully your marketing plan has started to generate interest - but you need to hold that interest and convert your potential visitors into happy customers. No matter how small your business, having a distinctive website which shows a clear brand identity is one of the best ways to stand out online.

Meeting customer expectations 

There may be set design rules which apply to your sector. For example, healthcare websites usually have a similar appearance, with simple colours, bullet points and easy-to-navigate links. Carrying out research into your competitors' websites, you can put together an idea of how you want your site to look. By using similar design features, you can make your website meets your customers' expectations. This can add trustworthiness and improve customer perception. An orange and purple website with lots of GIFs wouldn't be the best idea for a healthcare site! Maintaining a balance between a distinctive website that also matches your customers' design expectations is key and using an experienced web designer can be essential to this process. 

Give your online business the best chance you can and choose a professional and experienced web designer. To talk with us about your business and start thinking about your website's first impression, you can contact us by calling 01234 834667 or email

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