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About Pint Sized Giants

Pint Sized Giants started in the late part of 2013 and has gone from strength the strength, gaining more clients in web design and marketing than we thought possible in such a short period of time.

Pint Sized Giants has formed around two principle ideas

  1. We believe clients want web designers and marketing consultants that they can trust and who are knowledgeable people they can depend on when building out their business.
  2. We believe clients want cutting edge enterprise level technology sitting behind their websites and marketing campaigns, so they can trust that their marketing is optimised 100%. Gaining them the business or exposure they need to grow.

We have invested heavily into these two concepts, hiring the best people and developing cutting-edge technology that you can depend on. We are driven to only accept the very best of quality in everything we do, because we know you do too.

Meet Our Web Design and Marketing Team

Kieron Younis

Operations Director


Kieron's role as operations director put him squarely in the centre of things, ensuring we reach the highest quality at all times. He gets involved directly with clients ensuring every Pint Sized Giant customer gets exactly what they need, when they need it.


Kieron has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Toyota, Tesco, EasyJet and, TUI He’s delivering technical programs and marketing across Europe.


Kieron loves the dynamic nature of helping to build a business, if it’s not his own its those of our clients. He loves to stay on top of his game by keeping up to date with current trends. In his spare time, he enjoys the great outdoors, playing the guitar, and golf.

How Kieron can help

Kieron's ability to deliver technical programs on time and on budget is exceptional. Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands he has learned how to manage large-scale projects and all the complexities that come with them.


Russell Foxton

Technical Director


Heading up the development team, Russell is the first and last line of quality control to ensure your website is produced to the highest standards. In addition, Russell leads the development programme of our cutting-edge publishing and marketing platforms


Russell's background is in development pure and simple. A seasoned technical lead he has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world developing innovative web assets and online applications.


Russell will tell you he is a developer to the core and you will find him constantly reviewing technical manuals honing his craft. When Russell does power down however, he is to be found enjoying writing and producing music, short films, and family days out.

How Russell can help

Russell is the person you want to speak to when it comes to anything web related and technical, he is generally to the point and likes getting to the core of what is required to enable very smooth development of web projects.

Our Team

At Pint Sized Giants we believe that you can only be the best if you work with the best. That is why we hire only the most seasoned web designers and marketers to join our team. We expect extremely high standards from our staff and our staff expect these same standards from the management team and each other. We are proud to be developing a working environment that not only promotes excellence but one which our employees love to be in.

We believe only this can translate into the high-quality website and marketing work we know our customers expect.