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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns allow your business to send emails straight to your target audience. With an email marketing campaign from Pint Sized Giants you are able to send a message into your customer’s inbox and cut through the noise of your competitors.

We design and create email shots that are interesting rather than just a sales email.

Web design and marketing

Great story, great imagery, great design

As a fundamental part of an integrated campaign, email marketing brings together great content, imagery, and social media output to communicate your message to your audience.

The most successful campaigns are the most targeted ones. By segmenting your audience, you can tailor your messaging to maximise results and build brand loyalty

Allow people to take notice

Email marketing allows you to interact with your customers like never before. Building relationships with customers through engaging content enables you to stay at the forefront of their mind, helping you to cut through the noise and get people to notice you.

Clear brand and product positioning

We will help you to develop a clear email campaign that each of your readers will respond to. It’s all about presenting your products and services in the best possible light with an offer that really explains the value your customer will get from purchasing from your business.

Attention to detail

Combining great design and detailed understanding of the psychology of emails, we’ll make sure your customers get an email they want, and you can benefit from

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Web design and marketing

FledgeSuite™ Benefits

Anything is possible when your marketing and sales activities work together and share data.


FledgeSuite™ comes packed with marketing software. From the production of your website, social marketing, SEO tools, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising. FledgeSuite™ bring all your important tasks and data into one place.


Once your website is live, FledgeSuite™ Once your website is live, FledgeSuite™ helps marketers and sales teams identify leads from all their digital and offline helps marketers and sales teams identify leads from all their digital and offline marketing efforts. All the data produced by your website is pooled together to create a list of identified leads ready for your sales team to start calling.


FledgeSuite™ is packed with tools to help your sales team research who to contact within a company from critical company data, LinkedIn data, Facebook data, and fast google research tools. FledgeSuite™ has everything a sales team needs to make a sales team take flight.


FledgeSuite™ brings comprehensive CRM and ERP tools to your business helping you to gain sales with our marketing and lead generation services, and use the in-built workflow and CRM tools to easily monitor and control team tasks and customer management.

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