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If your business isn’t ranking on the first couple of pages on Google and other search engines, then it is likely your competitors will outperform you when customers search for your products and services online.

SEO is important for every online business. Pint Sized Giants can help your business with SEO by creating a digital marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to your business and customers.

Web design and marketing

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Hands on approach

SEO requires constant work to ensure your website can rank highly and maintain its position, meaning SEO marketing will be unsuccessful if you’re only updating your website once in a blue moon.

Technical SEO

The main challenge all SEO strategies face is connecting the dots of how to optimise a website technically, whilst improving local SEO ranking and customer conversion rates. There's no point getting people to the website if you can't then convert that passing traffic into customers, so this is where we come in.

Clear SEO Strategy

We’ll work with you on setting out a clear strategy for calls-to-action and engineer areas of your site to help visitors arrive at a commitment point more consistently.

The Right Team

Pint Sized Giants will optimise your website using SEO, whilst making sure it is still easy and clear for customers to navigate, helping you make the most of your online business.

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SEO & Your Business


Operating nationwide, our Bedford based digital marketing team will help your business reach more of its target audience. If you don't invest in making your website visible on all of the core search engines you will likely miss a huge number of potential customers. Our SEO team in Bedford will help you improve your chances of successfully attracting large numbers of customers, increasing visitor-to-customer conversion rates. How? We put the extra time and effort into promoting each of your web pages independently through SEO, allowing your users to click through onto pages that are specific to the product or service they are looking for opposed to making them search through your whole site to find what they're after.

Most users of Google and similar search tools will restrict their browsing to the first few results, meaning that if your website slips down the search engine rankings you will become less visible and can expect to attract fewer visitors. In today's marketplace, one of the most helpful things you can do for your campaign is to invest in strategies to boost your SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a method that pushes you to reach and maintain a prominent SEO ranking.

Our Bedford based SEO team are here to meet your needs either on the phone, through video chat, or in person at our offices. With business development managers across the UK, we are always ready to help you push your online business further.

Web design and marketing

FledgeSuite™ Benefits

Anything is possible when your marketing and sales activities work together and share data.


FledgeSuite™ comes packed with marketing software. From the production of your website, social marketing, SEO tools, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising. FledgeSuite™ bring all your important tasks and data into one place.


Once your website is live, FledgeSuite™ Once your website is live, FledgeSuite™ helps marketers and sales teams identify leads from all their digital and offline helps marketers and sales teams identify leads from all their digital and offline marketing efforts. All the data produced by your website is pooled together to create a list of identified leads ready for your sales team to start calling.


FledgeSuite™ is packed with tools to help your sales team research who to contact within a company from critical company data, LinkedIn data, Facebook data, and fast google research tools. FledgeSuite™ has everything a sales team needs to make a sales team take flight.


FledgeSuite™ brings comprehensive CRM and ERP tools to your business helping you to gain sales with our marketing and lead generation services, and use the in-built workflow and CRM tools to easily monitor and control team tasks and customer management.

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